What is Photo Engraving?

Photo Engraving is a process of engraving your precious photos into jewellery to create your own personal keepsakes.

Our engraving is done using the latest state-of-the-art engraving equipment which is unrivaled worldwide. We engrave your precious photos in exact photo quality into the surface of our jewellery collection. Footprints and hand prints are engraved to the highest detail possible – you will receive an engraving of your prints with intricate detail. We don’t transform your prints into ‘outlines’ or solid shapes, rather we use photographic detail to ensure the fine and unique detail of your prints is easily seen.  Please note contrast is important in the photo.  If you have any questions or we find the photo not suitable we will make contact with you.

Pieces include, stainless steel jewellery, costume jewellery and sterling silver jewellery and keyrings.

It is a really simple process.  We have the ability to take photos off mobile phones, via email or the physical photo.

Ideal gift for any occasion.  Gifts can include pet gifts, family portraits, christening gifts, loss of a loved one, memorial gift, pet memorial gift, unique birthday gifts, housewarming gifts, mothers day gifts, christmas gifts, fathers days gifts, gifts for him, gifts for her, Valentine Day gifts, Wedding gifts.

Unique Pet Gift

We do many pets.  Last week we took a photo of 2 beagles looking out the windows.  The photo told a story.  Beagles being very active dogs were sitting up very still and I personally was intrigued by what they were looking at.  I asked their owners and they couldn’t remember but loved the shot.  Hence the piece came up really well and they totally loved it.

Memorial Gifts

We have many people who are suffering from the loss of a loved one and are still in the grief stage.  I even see them crying at our displays as it brings back those powerful memories of their loved ones.  Our pieces provide our clients with the comfort and love they often need at this difficult time.  I recently did a piece for a girl who had lost her mother to cancer.  She spoke to me and said she loved her piece but wore it on a daily basis in December, as December was a very hard month for her to get through.  It helped her get through December and provided the comfort and support she needed as she felt her mother was with her when she wore her piece.  We even have clients that wake up every morning and kiss their loved one good morning by kissing their necklace.


We often do lovely babies for Grandmothers.  Grandmothers are particularly fond of their grand children and quite proudly wear their piece and show all their friends.  They also feel that they have their grand children with them all the time.

I recently did one for a mother.  Her daughter lived in Victoria and her mother was based in Qld.  She was an only child.  She gave it to her mother for her 80th birthday gift and her mother totally adored it.  Once again, she felt like her daughter was with her always, even though in reality she wasn’t as she lives in Victoria.  Her mother could proudly show everyone her daughter as she  wore it constantly.