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A beautiful wedding keepsakes gift given from a Bride to her Father

Weddings are such an important day in our lives, why not create a special  wedding keepsakes gift of such an important day.

We recently did a wedding keepsake from a bride to her father.  The photo was actually her father walking her down the aisle.  It was a special moment in time captured forever as a keepsake.  The tears were flowing of joy when the photo engraved keyring was presented to her loving father.  He was thrilled to pieces and loved his keepsake of a special day in time that is remembered forever by many people. I am sure it is still cherished and will be cherished for many years to come.

Weddings are a very special occasion.  The union of a man and a woman for life.  Although unfortunately the reality is this is not always the case, but the reality is that we walk down the isle expecting it to last for life.  That day is such an important day and one you remember forever.  All the preparation that takes place for that special day is really amazing.  Why not then have a create your own special wedding keepsakes to remember that special occasion.  This piece was given to the father of the bride.  The bride let us know he was totally thrilled with his special keepsake and there were tears of joy when he received  his special gift.  I am sure he has it somewhere special and it brings a smile to his face when he looks at that keepsake of his daughters wedding.

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