photo engraving Queen Victoria Market

We are at the Queen Victoria Market and do photo engraving Gifts

Many clients have never seen photo engraving Gifts before

We met people from Canada, Florida, the UK and Ireland today.  It was so interesting having chats to them today.  They loved our personalised gifts and had never seen photo engraving Gifts before

Many had travelled heavily throughout Europe and were amazed by our  unique products and the fact that you could have your photo engraved into a piece of jewellery. It was lovely to hear many people say I love it and they had never seen it before.

They then went through there phones to find their perfect photo to create their personalised photo engraving gifts for their loved ones.  Many wanted unique gifts for loved ones overseas.  They were amazed at the detail we could engrave onto so many different pieces.  We love meeting so many different people and the beautiful compliments we get for our keepsakes.  We even had a lady who had seen us a few weeks ago at the Queen Victoria Market who came in with her physical photos to have them engraved into keyrings to create their own personal keepsake.  She even travelled for an hour to come in today.

We are finding people are seeing our photo engraving gifts on display and then come into the Queen Victoria Market on a Saturday or Sunday and bring their physical photo in with them and then select their piece to have it made up to them.  We then ship it out via express post and they receive it fairly quickly.  We use express post within Australia.


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