Memory Keepsakes Competition Winner of a Unique Gifts

Congratulations to Kat Higgins- We hope you enjoy your unique gifts

We had many beautiful stories come in with photos.  We are so glad we did not have to pick a winner as to all of us you are all winners.  The stories where beautiful and it shows that every photo has a story.  Well done to Kat Higgins who had 48 likes on her photo of her and her brother Patrick. A very deserving competition winner with a beautiful story.  We look forward to hearing from you to claim you keepsake of yourself and your brother.  What a unique gift to remember such a special story.

Here is Kats story:

This is my brother Patrick and I. As of yesterday Patrick is no longer a foster child! My siblings and I had a rough start to life, we bounced in and out of foster care for years due to an abusive unsafe home life.
When I was 14 And Patrick was 7 he was taken into care on a long term guardianship order. When I was 18 I applied to be Patrick’s carer and two years later after a long struggle Patrick came to live with me. During the last five years I have had two daughters of my own, held down a full time job and raised this beautiful young man. Yesterday Patrick’s order was revoked and Patrick is now living with me without any Child Safety intervention. For the first time in nearly 17 years none of my siblings are in foster care 💖


Stay tuned for many other Competitions we run from time to time.  You too, can win a unique gifts.  If you are looking for unique gifts please check out our facebook page.


We love running competitions to hear all the lovely stories around the photos people post up.  Remember every photo has a story!


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