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Are you looking for Unique Christmas Gift ideas?

Are you looking for unique christmas gift ideas?

We did a christmas gift and it was so popular the other sister wanted one!

We took a phone call today, requesting another photo engraved necklace to be done.  They had ordered one for her sister with their mothers photo engraved into a necklace for her sister.   Her other sister saw the piece and loved it.  As a result they called us today and requested the same piece again.  It was a photo of their mother engraved into one of our many Stainless steel pieces on offer.  It was such a lovely keepsake and was the talk on christmas day, that they have ordered the same photo engraved into the same piece.  She was so happy as she was looking for unique christmas gift ideas when she came across us.

It was a photo engraved necklace which had their mothers photo on it, so it was a unique hand made personal gift.

It provided much comfort to the sister and was so popular the other sister wanted a piece.

If you are looking for a unique personalised gift give us a call on 0415278817 or email us on

We do photo engraving in Melbourne, but ship all over the world.

We are normally located at the Queen Victoria Market on weekends, but call us for our location within the market.

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