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Treasured memories – Create your own Memorial Jewellery pieces

Create your own Memorial Jewellery keepsakes

When somebody you love becomes a memory the memory becomes a treasure ❤❤❤   This is so true.  We see it on a regular basis. Memorial jewellery pieces are one of our popular selling pieces.  Many people come up to our display and explain they have lost someone very dear to them, and they miss them terribly.  They love our keepsakes as we take their photo and photo engrave it into a piece they can select.  Many of our clients wear their pieces all the time as they feel  the comfort that that person is with them all the time.  Our clients are very generous with their stories and regularly pop in and say hello.  I feel like they have become part of our extended family.

I even have a few clients that wake up in the morning and kiss their piece good morning every morning and evening.  It is like the necklace is that person and they feel that they are with them on a regular basis providing huge amounts of comfort.

I had one particular client who I saw regularly, and she would always say hello.  She had her late husband photo engraved onto one of our pieces.  It provided her with great comfort and people would come up to her piece and say hello to her late husband.  I am sure that piece is worn always with love.

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