Sterling Silver Lockets – Choice of two Styles including photo engraving

Sterling silver Lockets

Why not carry all your loved ones in one of our Sterling silver lockets and have them with you always.

Five loved ones, photo engraved into the one sterling silver locket

We are on holidays having a nice well earned break at the beach.  Plus the weather is nice, which is a bonus in Melbourne.  We are on the Mornington peninsula which is a lovely place with lots of things to do.

Today I took a call from a young girl enquiring about having all her family photo engraved into one locket.  I suggested our sterling silver locket as that can have up to ten people photo etched into the piece.   There are 2 styles of sterling silver lockets.  We can photo engrave six of your family individually on one side and four on the back side.  We normally do oldest to youngest as that makes it fair and most families agree on that.

She wanted to buy this gift for her 67 year old grandmother as a unique birthday gift that she will remember forever.  She can then have all her loved ones with her at all times.  A gift that can be passed down for years to come.  Our clients have named it our Forever Ball.

My mother wears her piece all the time and it provides the comfort and love she requires at times.

This is a piece we did for a client.  She had 6 children and they ranged from 9 to 26.  The older children were moving out and she was struggling as the big house was becoming empty.  She felt she needed the comfort to have all her children with her at times.  For this reason we photo engraved all her children into the one piece.  She absolutely adored her piece and showed it off to many people.  But more importantly it provided her with comfort that she needed as she didn’t see her children on a daily basis as she had previously been accustomed to.  But when she felt like she needed the comfort she could simply open up her locket and they would all be close to her.   It was quite funny as she advised us that one of her children went overseas on a holiday and she took the sterling silver locket with her.  She had previously travelled and was very homesick, so this time she took the locket with her.  It provided the daughter with the comfort she needed when she was overseas, just as it did for her mum.  Such a feel good piece.


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