Gold Powerbank


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Amazing Gold Power bank with unique Memory Keepsake Photo Engraving

Gold Power Bank, with your special photo engraved into the power bank to create your own personal keepsake.

Perfect for the person who does not wear jewellery or has has everything, this unique keepsake is both practical and functional with their personalised keepsake photo engraved.


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Gold Powerbank, with your special photo engraved into the powerbank to create your own personal keepsake

Our Gold Powerbank is perfect for the person who does not wear jewellery and wants functionality with their  own personalised keepsake

Now you will not have to worry about your phone going flat at the end of the day, and carry your loved ones around with you always.  You will have it and them with you always to ensure this doesn’t  occur.

A perfect gift for anybody who is a heavy user a mobile phone.  Once your phone goes flat, simply plug in the powerbank into your phone and your phone will recharge fairly quickly.  We use ours on a regular basis , as we tend to use our mobile phones throughout the day without the ability of charging them.

Attached is a blog that explains how a powerbank works.

I have a  photo of my children on my piece , so it always brings a smile to my face.  It has now become both a useful tool and personalised keepsake.  The Gold color is suitable for both men and women.  The photo that we are able to etch into your piece can be up to 5cm x 5 cm.  This allows for a substantial picture on your piece.

Great talking piece with love.