Pregnancy Scan Keepsake

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Pregnancy Scan Keepsake

The start of a new life.  How exciting.  We recently did a pregnancy scan and photo engraved into to create a personal keepsake to last forever.  Such a special time in our life.  Our first real look at our baby that we are carrying and will be permanently attached to for the rest of our lives.

This is a piece we did of a pregnancy scan (ultrasound) at 14 weeks.  You can make out the head and its body.  Just looking at it gives me goosebumps.  I remember carrying my scan around with me for weeks, but eventually it faded as it was on a light film paper.  Now you can just scan that photo and send it through to us and we can engrave it into a piece of jewelry to remember that special moment forever.

I am sure this piece will come out at their 21st birthday.  The first real photo we ever really had of them.

We recently did one for a grandmother who was expecting her first grand child.  We did it as a unique birthday gift for her.  She now has  her first photo of her grandchild engraved and is showing all of her friends.  Such an exciting time.  The birth of a new baby.. Priceless.

Pregnancies are a very special time for mothers to be.  We have to watch what we eat, drink etc and then cope with the cravings and potential morning sickness, but once our bundle of joy arrives into our arms, everything is forgotten.  I think the child would be fascinated by the photo of them at 14 weeks old.  What a great keepsake and show and tell item. not to mention a great 21st piece.  Just to have a beautiful keepsake of that moment in time when they were  just created is a treasured moment, as we all know they grow so quickly to become babies, toddlers, children and then eventually adults.



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