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Photo Etched of a Bull Rider

We can say we have done a picture of a professional bull rider on a bull.
We did it for his partner who was missing him. He is a professional bull rider and travels throughout Australia. She was missing him and decided she wanted to feel that he was with her all the time. She had his photo etched into one of our selected pieces and it provided her with comfort and love.
Her partner was actually riding the bull when the photo was taken, so it was an action photo. I do remember speaking to her prior and after her piece was done, and she spent quite a bit of time picking the right photo, and we then etched it into her favourite piece.
She now has a permanent keepsake of her partner and he is with her all the time.
I’m sure it still is around her neck, and brings a smile to her face when she looks at her very much loved partner.

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