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We are still trading at the Queen Victoria Market on weekends. We either do a Saturday or Sunday, but you can always call us on 0415278817 to find out our exact location on the day. We love meeting such a variety of people at the QVMarket. We meet people from overseas, local people, politicians, and mainly people from all over Australia. We love their response to our unique gifts and then go through their phone to find the exact photo. I met a lady from Perth and she had the photo in her purse. I quickly took a photo of her photo and she will have it before she leaves as it is a gift for a loved one.

We get the pleasure of meeting so many amazing people and they absolutely love our product. Many people have never seen photo engraving before, so spend their time looking at our displays to compare pieces. We find our silver jewellery sells best, however we cater for all different types of styles. Gold necklaces, silver necklaces, photo keyrings, different shapes and sizes.

Everybody has a unique style they like. Our pieces are handmade jewellery, with lots of love and care taken in making every piece.

QVM are running a trader of the year, and we would appreciate your assistance. If you like our jewellery, please go to the following website www.qvm.com.au/vote
Select general merchandise and then select Memory Keepsakes.

We would really appreciate your support.

Most people ask how do we Photo engrave into the piece? Our response is we use a diamond tip machine that etches into the piece. We load each photo into our customised software program, get the contrast right, set the piece up in the machine and the diamond tip machine then does its job and does the photo engraving. Photo engraving has been around for many years and we have been proudly running our business since 2013.

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