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Photo Engraving Melbourne – we Post all over the world

Photo Engraving Melbourne – We experienced our really Ahhhhhh moment  today

Many of our clients have never seen Photo Engraving before.  They come to our display and always are amazed at the detail and quality of our pieces.  We are very fortunate and people say to us we are so clever, and that they love our work.  All for photo engraving Melbourne.

We had an experience today where we could hear a lady going OHHHHHH, and it went on for quite awhile.  Her friend looked at me, and they said its not me, its  my friend.

She was just simply amazed by our work, and then immediately went to her phone to choose a suitable photo.  She just simply had to have one as she adored our work.  I went through the different pieces we had, and based on what she liked made a recommendation to her.  But really as I say its your choice. We have so many pieces on display, so its as easy as to just pick the piece you like.  It really comes to down to her personal choice.  A bit like a build a keepsake that you will cherish forever.

It is funny we meet people from all over the world and they see photo engraving Melbourne.  I must stress we post all over the world.  We use Express post within Australia, but do also post to all countries all over the world.  We have pieces in America, Canada, China, UK, Ireland, just to name a few.  We get very excited when we sell a piece overseas, as many people in other countries have never seen it before.  It is showing photo engraving Melbourne.

We also have Agents in Tamworth NSW and have an agent Sandra Ryan starting soon in Brisbane CBD QLD.

So there will be photo engraving Tamworth and photo engraving Brisbane QLD

Stay Tuned….


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