Photo Engraved Jewelry – Going overseas

Photo Engraved Jewelry – Repeat customers!

We recently received a text message from an existing customer.  He had order a piece of photo engraved jewelry of his mother for himself.  He recently went overseas and received many compliments about his jewelry piece we had done for him.  One particular close friend of his, asked him to get him a piece of his beloved girl friend.  He explained he had got it in  Melbourne and they had never seen photoengraving previously.  It was a huge hit.  I think he got a bit sick of showing his piece off, as many people commented.

He explained the story to me on his return and when he picked his piece up.  He was picking it up for his dear friend overseas and was posting it overseas.  It was such a thrill.  He totally adores his piece and explained to me that he never takes his piece off.  It is worn 24/7.

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