Photo Engraved Jewelry – Create your own unique jewelry

Photo Engraved Jewelry – Create your own personalised jewelry piece

We take your special photos and engrave them into one of our many jewelry pieces on offer to create your own photo engraved jewelry piece to be treasured for many years to come.

We use our diamond tip photo engraving machine to engrave your photo into jewelry to create your own unique gift.

We offer keyrings, necklaces, lockets and now even watches!

We are at the Queen Victoria Market and we are always amazed at how many people have never seen our pieces before, and the WOW’s we get as they stop to look at our display.  We find quite often people then immediately start looking at their mobile phone to find their perfect photo to have photo engraved into one of the many pieces we have available.

The end result is simply a beautiful piece of jewelry they wear with love and pride.  It reminds them of that special person/occasion/loved one/ pet or what ever may be important to them.  The end result is it provides love and comfort and in simple terms just makes you smile!!  Smiling is good for you, and I am a testiment to our pieces we have.  I have many different pieces that represent different times in my life and when I need the comfort/ love I choose the appropriate piece.

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