Pet Memorials

Pet Memorials – A story of true love from an owner who lost her beloved baby

Candy ♡ 2003-2017

We decided not to have human children a long time ago. I always connected better with animals and when Candy and Smokey came into my life in 2004, we quickly bonded and became a strong family of three.
From the moment these 2 souls graced my life, the bond we share is so strong that I have gone to extraoridinary lengths to do what is best for them and to keep them safe from harm. They are my children.

Despite what life has thrown at us, these two bright shiny stars have taught me what unconditional love looks like, what it feels like. No matter my flaws, no matter my mistakes, they have loved me every day of their lives and we have sailed the ups and downs of life together.

Today, I lost my daughter. As her body has struggled with illness, she looked to me once again to love, protect and give her her dignity in her last time of need. And today, I honoured that need as my soul screamed to fight one more time.

Candy.. my baby moo. I sincerely hope that you understood the depth of my love and how much I cherished and adored you over all the years we shared together. I am beyond devastated and when I think my heart can’t break anymore, a memory surfaces that splinters another crack in an already shattered heart.

No matter how rough the sea, you were my constant – the lighthouse in my dark and for that, I will be eternally grateful. Rest now, my darling heart and send me a sign when you are ready 

I love you always.

Your mum,

We meet many people who feel the devastion on loosing their beloved friend.  Many clients find comfort in our keepsakes to remember their loyal buddies.

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