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Pet Memorial Gifts

Pet Memorial Gifts – The loss of a pet can be heart breaking

I have felt it personally myself as we are  proud owners of 2 cats and a beautiful dog.  I witness it regularly as I see people come up to our display stand and show me a photo of their beloved pet that has just passed.  I have seen many grown men tear up just looking at their photo.  They then order  pet memorial  gifts, which provides them with huge amounts of comfort.  We get thank you messages from them saying how much they love it, which is really nice.

The part that comes next is the best.  We then hear about the pet and its favourite likes and dislikes.  Its funny, we always feel the love as the stories come out.  We have done rottweilers, german shepherds, white fluffy dogs, labradors, etc.  I think we have done every type of dog breed there is, including lots of mixed breeds.

Quite often they are rescue dogs and they tell their story of how they came into their care, and the love they offered the dog and how the dog became their best friend.  It truly is amazing, and brings tears to our eyes too..

So if you are looking for pet memorial gifts that you can keep as a keepsake  forever please feel to contact us on 0415278817 or email us on

Our pieces come in the form of memorial jewellery or memorial keyrings.  Our process simply involves photo engraving your favourite photo into jewellery to create your piece of keepsake jewellery.

We also offer urn jewellery and pet memorial plaques to remember your forever friend who provided you with so much love for so many years.  Pet Memorial Gifts are very popular with our clients and they do provide the love and comfort many people need at this time.

Speaking personally I have even had to take time off work as I was so distressed at loosing my beloved best friend.

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