Pet memorial gifts

Pet Memorial Gifts – Another Beautiful Story

Pet Memorial Gifts – A beautiful story of Turbo.

This was my toy poodle Turbo , who passed away late last year and was 15 years old , he was rescued from a abuse but was the most placid boy . He loved animals and babies and you would quite often see him cuddled into a baby chicken or rabbit or cuddling into me , he was my best friend and even though we still have his brother  Turbo-Charger Stock was one of a kind 

This is a true story of love.  Courtney had rescued Turbo and he provided her with total love and loyalty for 15 years!  This re-enforces  the saying a pet is not for christmas but for life.  We always encourage people think seriously about purchasing a pet, as they are a life time commitment.  We have many pets in our household and they are family.

We see many people on a regular basis deeply destressed at looking their much loved pet who was a cherished  family member.  They totally adored their pets and when they passed, they are totally devastated.  For this reason we very often do keepsakes jewellery so they feel that their much loved pet is still with them.

Pet memorial gifts

The beautiful Turbo with his much loved owner Courtney.

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