Personalised Birthday Gifts – Special gift from a mother to a son

We do amazing personalised birthday gifts for any birthday, but this one was special!

Haydens mum had previously organised a very special gift for her son a few months previously.  She kept it hidden away and on the night it was a huge surprise.  She also brought a piece for herself and her daughter but did’nt want to give it to her until christmas.  They were all personalised birthday gifts, that they could have for years to come.

Well it all unfolded on facebook.  She had given her son his gift.  ( She had recently lost her partner).  She had his photo engraved into a stainless steel dog tag.  The piece came up very well.  Hayden quickly put it on as he didnt want to cry and it meant so much to him.   When she got home her younger daughter had seen her brothers and said she would like one.  She even selected a photo of her dad.

Jane then gave in and gave her the personalised gift she had planned to give her for christmas.  Her daughter was so pleased and even posted a picture up on facebook.

The end result was a very happy family.  We got a thank you from Jane on our facebook page, and all the loving comments who were there with her on the day.  It was a huge hit, and now his father can be with his son all the time.  He just has to look down onto his necklace and see him at all times.

Many of our products are given as personalised birthday gifts, christmas gifts, fathers day gifts, really any occasion.

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