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Queen Victoria Market – People are now regularly looking for us for our personalised gifts.

Every week I have a person walking the market for us and are so happy when they find us to order there personalised Gifts

We are loving it at the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne Victoria Australia.  The market attracts many tourists and locals also.  People are loving our stall and the service we provide by photo engraving their special photo to create their own personalised gifts.

I am finding on a weekly basis I have people come up to me and are saying they are so glad they have found us!  They have been walking the market and were getting stressed as they couldn’t find us!  They have seen our personalised gifts previously and have found their special photo and are now ready to have one made.

They have their photo with them and they then select their piece to create their own personalised gifts for their loved ones.

We also still get amazed at how many people have never seen photo engraving before.  They spend lots of time at our stand looking at each piece and admiring them.  We never get sick of hearing the WOW’s as people stop and look at the all the pieces.  I always recommend our clients touch and feel the goods so they understand how it works.

We are a permanent casual at the Queen Victoria Market trading on a Saturday and Sunday, but we are not in the same location every week.  We move locations, and this causes stress for some of our clients.  They go and look for us where they originally saw us and we may not be there.  Hence they then walk the whole market and find us, and are extremely grateful and happy when they get to us.  I also recommend calling us on 0415278817 or checking out our facebook page as we always post our location on the day.  our Facebook page is


We are also listed on the Queen Victoria Market website


As Mothers Day is fast approaching many mums have everything so many children are looking for a unique gifts for Mothers Day. Children of all ages spend much time picking their perfect photo.  We recently did a photo of a wedding that had taken place in the 1950’s.  It came up beautifully and some lucky mum is getting that as her unique mothers day gift.  Her daughter assures me she will love it, just as she did when she first saw a photo of the piece.

Many daughters are searching for their “Special Photo” to have  them made into personalised gifts that will be treasured for many years to come.

To find out more information about getting your own personalised gifts, please contact us on 0415278817.

Enjoy your week!

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