Our New Personalised Watches – Due for Christmas 2017

Its been 3 years in the making to get our personalised watches completed!!

We are just so pleased to announce our personalised watches will be available for christmas 2017 and onwards.   It took us many hours and lots of grey hairs to design the watch that was suitable both for women and men, and we finally did it!!

Every Minute with your loved ones is precious.

What we do is pull apart the watch, physically engrave your “Special photo” into the watch face and then get it put back together again by a professional jeweller.

Imagine looking at your watch 50 times a day???? Every time you look at your personalised watch, you will smile and it will remind you of that particular person, occasion etc.  It is all about making our clients smile.

I totally love my watch and I look at it too many times a day, and I now I just smile!!  It takes me to an area of happiness and just makes me smile.

Its also a great talking piece.  Many of my clients ask me about my children and I can show them a photo of them etched into my beautiful watch that will always be a treasured forever keepsake.

personalised watches

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