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The loss of a pet – We offer Pet Memorial Gifts


Today whilst at the Queen Victoria Market, I was chatting to many people from all over the world.  I spoke to a lady who  was going through her photos to choose her desired photo to have it photo engraved into a piece to create her personal keepsake.  Seeing all her photos brought back the love she felt for her beloved dog and she starting crying at the stand.  I could feel the love and huge loss she felt, whilst standing beside her.  She had friends with her, so we all began comforting her.  I felt quite emotional to witness a stranger openly displaying her raw pain she felt at the loss of a beloved pet.  She quickly took my card and will be in touch with me, when she finds her perfect photo. Pets are like family and we all grieve in different ways.  Creating your own pet Memorial gifts can provide you with the comfort and love you may need at this time.

It reminded  me of how lucky we are in our business.  We are able to provide our clients with pieces of personalised jewellery to help relieve the loss of a loved one.  I felt very grateful to be able to service our clients as we do.  Just prior to this incident I had taken a phone call from a very happy client who rang me personally to thank us for her beautiful pieces.  She had asked us to send many brochures as her friends were also interested in our unique jewellery and personalised gifts.

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