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Memories are forever and so very powerful

Memories are truly forever.  They hold a special place in our heart always.

A memory is a photograph taken by the heart to make a special moment last forever !  Our business is all about memories.  We allow you to  capture your special memories of milestones, pets, loved ones and turn them into forever keepsakes.  This is the core of Memory Keepsakes.  We so often hold on to our precious memories and they provide us with love, sadness and many emotions.  But they certainly are extremely important.

We get your memory in the form of a photo  and turn your that memory into a forever keepsake.  We simply engrave your photo into one of our selected pieces.  I have clients that come and see us regularly and let us know our pieces really  allow them to hold onto their precious memories.  Many people kiss their pieces good morning.  They simply adore their piece as it brings back very strong memories for them, and they then continue on with their day.

Definition of a Memory

We do so many different pieces.  As we say every photo has a story.  Here is an example of a piece we  recently completed.

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A client totally adored her pet rottweiller.  It had been her best friend for many years and on its passing she was deeply distressed as many people are.  Pets are like family.  Anyway we did a few pieces for her including our sterling silver locket and she included her pet rottweiler in her locket.  Her sterling silver locket contained all the special memories she wanted to carry around with her on a daily basis.  It included all her children, her partner, and her beloved rottweiler.  I am sure she is still wearing her Sterling silver locket with her regularly.  This piece carries around all her special memories and all her special people that have played a significant role in her life.  The Sterling silver locket is a stunning piece in its own right, but when we open it up and show our clients we never get sick of the WOW’s.  People even call their friends and partners over to show them this piece.


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