Memorial Jewelry – A true love story

Memorial Jewelry

Today was quite an emotional day.  My first customer of the day came up and loved our display and pieces.  I then asked her if she had a piece in mind?  She then said yes I do and proceeded to show me a photo of her in her wedding dress.  I said that is a lovely photo.  She said I want to do it as a gift for my husband as I don’t have much time to live left.  At this time, I felt sad, as she was so young and looked quite well.  She then sent a photo to me and I suggested she put some writing on the back.  She thought of some beautiful words and we engraved them on the back.  She then said to me , I also want to get one for my son.  Her son had brought her a piece of jewellery and she proudly showed me the piece.  At this time, I realised how special this gift is going to be for her husband and son.  It will be one special keepsake gift that he will treasure forever.  For that I am sure of… Some beautiful pieces of memorial jewelry that will be treasured  as a forever keepsake jewellery piece.  We were truly touched that we were privileged to be able to provide such a special gift for a beautiful lady.

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