Memorial Jewellery – our Competion winner

Memorial Jewellery – our Competition Winner

Every photo has a story.  This is the story around the beautiful photo of Malakai.  A beautiful piece of Memorial jewellery was delivered, just after his 14th birthday.


This is my precious Malakai  this photo was taken 2 days after his 2nd kidney transplant in March 2013  after over 150 operations and months at a time in hospital my precious boy sadly passed away in February 2015 from menningititis 
Malakai fought so hard for 11 years and this is 1 of my favourite photos of him  I love and miss you so much Buddy..thankyou for giving me 11 years of beautiful memories to remember for a lifetime and beyond 

Memorial Jewellery

She won the competition with a total of 15 likes.  We are so fortunate that we do not have to select a winner, as to all our entrants they were all winners.  We contacted Sally and she said he would of turned 14 on Monday 28th.  She received her piece a few days later and felt like her son had sent her a birthday gift.  What a lovely story.


To read her story go to

We were so fortunate that many clients shared their beautiful stories and it proves that every photo does have a story.  Many entries included memorial stories.  Memories are forever.

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