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We recently did a piece for a lovely lady Judy.  We met her at the Queen Victoria Market and did a beautiful keepsake for her.  She came up to me today and ordered another piece.  She had showed her son and he loved it so much, she decided to give it to him.  It was a beautiful piece of Memorial jewellery Australia and she was so pleased herself when she picked it up.

It was lovely seeing her again today, sharing her story and ordering another piece for herself.  I was quite surprised as the piece we did was in the shape of a heart.  We did a heart shaped keepsake jewellery piece, which came up beautifully.  We are truly blessed that people come back to us on a regular basis and say hello and tell us about how much they adore their piece.

We even have clients that kiss their piece good morning and good night every night.  It is truly inspiring for us that our pieces provide so much comfort for our clients, and brings smiles to their face.  Our business is really about making people smile.  I quite often smile when I am wearing my piece.  It just brings back a particular memory of a place and time and just makes me smile.




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