Memorial Gifts

Memorial Gifts

We recently met the lovely Janine at the QueenV ictoria Market and she had been looking for memorial gifts for her sister for quite awhile. She had recently lost her mother, and her sister was struggling with the loss. Also, with mothers day so close, her sister was feeling the pain more than normal. So Janine decided it was the perfect gift for her sister for her birthday. She was quite amazed at the process. She simply texted me a photo off her phone, picked her piece, and we posted it to her.

A few weeks passed and we received a few calls from Janine and her sister Karen, wanting to get more Memorial Gifts done. She loved how her mums face shone in the daylight. Her sister in law had recently lost both of her parents, and she also felt their pain. So a few phone calls later and we had organised a second piece for her sister in law. Karen had realised how much pleasure her Memorial gift had provided her with, so she decided to give her beautiful sister in law a unique gift that would be loved and cherished forever. It was such a lovely conversation explaining to Karen how we did it, as she was extremely impressed with the quality. We are sure that it will be hanging off her handbag with love, and carried with her always, providing her with the love and comfort she needed. We also hope her sister in law is getting the same comfort and love from her Memorial Keepsake.

Memorial gifts

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