Keepsake Jewelry – A Gift for a 6 year old

Keepsake Jewelry – A beautiful gift we did for a 6 year old

We recently did a rectangle keyring with a photo of a boy and a golden retriever.  The order came through our website and was required by a particular date, so we presumed it was a gift.  We always pride ourselves on getting our orders out relatively quickly. It was a lovely photo that we were doing to turn it into a piece of keepsake jewelry.

Anyway I followed up via email and his mother replied.

My son absolutely loved his keyring!  She said I even asked him at the end of the day, which was his favourite gift and he pointed to his keyring!  She was so excited that he loved his unique birthday gift.  I must admit I can not remember ever doing a gift for a 6 year old, and then fact that he totally adored his gift.

That was a huge WOW for us!  To know that a 6 year old boy thought his keyring with his beloved dog and himself on it was his best gift!!  We were very humbled to hear this.  We love that we provide such pleasure to people of all ages. (Even a 6 year old)

I am sure his keepsake jewelry and birthday gift is sitting proudly on his school bag, and is admired on a daily basis.  The photo we have below is not the photo we did for the young boy, but instead a gift we did as a mothers day gift.  We love doing gifts and are very fortunate we receive so many thankyou emails, texts and calls from the clients who physically receive the goods.  They truely appreciate what we do and continually ask us never to stop doing it as it is really something special.

This makes us feel so good, to know we are helping our clients and they truly appreciate our work, which really is their special memories.  As I say memories are forever.

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