Jewelry for ashes new piece introduced due to strong demand

We have introduced a new piece of jewelry for ashes

Due to  strong demand from our clients we have introduced a new piece of Memorial Jewelry for ashes.  We frequently get asked at the markets if we have a piece that can take ashes.  After much searching we finally found a lovely heart.  The piece is Stainless steel (so very durable) and available in gold or silver.  The gold is colored stainless steel, so will not fade.  That is very important.  We do not stock any gold plated jewelry as it is guaranteed to fade!

It measures about 2cm x 2cm and is a small piece but more importantly it does not clearly stand out as a piece that contains your loved ones ashes.  It is a very stylish piece.  Being Stainless steel it is suitable for all climates, and required minimum maintenance.

We are also able to engrave your loved ones name onto the  piece if required.

A very simple elegant piece that enables you to wear a stylish piece of jewelry knowing that your loved one is with you always.

Comes with a funnel etc and gift boxed with a cleaning cloth ready to be given as a gift or for yourself to use.  Very popular piece due to its elegance and simplicity.  Does not stand out as being a piece of jewelry containing ashes.  Most people would just think it was a lovely heart.  Many clients complained that the pieces they had recently seen were clearly jewelry that contains ashes.  For this reason we went looking hard, to find something that looks like a normal piece of jewelry.

necklace for ashes

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