Cremation Jewellery – We have finally sourced a beautiful heart piece

We now have a piece of Cremation jewellery in Gold or Silver

Due to strong demand we have now sourced a lovely heart which takes ashes for cremation jewellery.  The heart is a very smallish type piece in stainless steel so very strong and resilient for all climate types.  It takes a small amount of ashes, but does not appear to be a cremation jewellery piece.  It just looks very stylish, so does’nt clearly stand out as containing your loved ones ashes.  Many pieces we where shown clearly where cremation ashes pieces, hence we were asked to source a piece.  We are able to engrave peoples names and dates on the piece adding to it being a personalised keepsake.  We also wanted it be very strong and suitable for all climates , so we went with stainless steel jewellery.

Definition of a keepsake

These keepsakes are very important to our clients as they contain a small amount of ashes of their loved one, and also look like a stylish piece of jewellery that can be worn on a daily basis.  It does not stand out as being a piece containing ashes jewellery, which is a good thing, as that is what most of our clients have asked for.

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