Coping with the Loss of a Pet – Finding Comfort in a Time of Loss

Pets of today are like family members. We eat with them, many people sleep with them, and they share our home with us. They are often referred to as furbabies. But the loss of a furbaby can be particularly upsetting.

Stories of Pets at Queen Victoria Market
I see it on a regular basis. I have people that come up to my stand at the Queen Victoria Market and see my Pet keepsakes and just have to move on, as the tears start to fill their eyes.

I also have clients who see our pet keepsake board and just have to stop and tell us the story of their beloved pet. I can see and feel the love as they describe their pet in detail.

They then madly go through their mobile phone to show me photos of their much loved furbaby.

They then pick a suitable photo (one which is their favourite) and they simply text or email the photo to us. We then engrave the photo into one of our many pieces we have on offer.

Loss of Beloved Pet Kurp the Labrador
One particular story which is very close to me and a friend. My friend is a Vet and often does house calls. She had a beloved labrador named Kurp, and wherever Vanessa was, Kurp was following behind.

I remember her coming in for my pets needles. Kurp was just so gently and would follow Vanessa and then sit down whilst she did her vet work. It was quite funny as my cats would get quite a fright and then disappear. They would then return as Kurp was not at all interested in them, but purely had eyes for Vanessa.

My cats would then approach Kurp for a bit of a smell, and with no response from the dog where fine with her.

Kurp was getting old, and my friend would ride to work, so even got a cart for the beloved Kurp to ride along behind the bike.

Any way the day Kurp left the world, was a particularly hard day. The loss of a pet is extremely difficult. We were all there to comfort Vanessa.
A Gift that Comforted Vanessa at The Time of the Loss of Kurp

At that time we decided to do a photo engraving of Kurp as a gift to Vanessa. Vanessa was very emotional as she opened up the gift which contained a pet keepsake for her to keep forever. Many tears of happiness were shed as she looked at her keepsake of Kurp. It was particularly loved as the photo engraving showed up in a particular light.

A few days later Vanessa came for a walk with me and my dog Lola. We often did dog walks together, chatting about life and our days activities. Vanessa happened to be wearing her keepsake necklace we had made for her.

She touched the necklace and said to me, I feel like Kurp is with me. They were such strong words, that we both stopped in our tracks and looked at her keepsake necklace. She felt comfort and love from wearing her keepsake necklace.

We both held it up to the light to see the photo of Kurp and had a bit of a cuddle as we fondly remembered Kurp and all the stories.

Kurp Will Always Be Remembered – Much Loved Labrador
Kurp will always be in Vanessa’s heart, but by providing a memorial jewellery piece, she will always be able to wear the piece and feel the love that she shared with Kurp over 14 years.

For Vanessa, that piece is priceless as it holds a part of her heart and Kurp is with her all the time. For this reason Memorial jewellery is particularly powerful as it contains love and comfort. It is a forever keepsake that will remind us of a particular part of our life, and it just makes us smile.

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