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Childhood Milestone Keepsakes

Do you have a child starting kinder, primary school or high school? Do you  want to create your own Childhood Milestone keepsake to remember that event forever?

This is such an important milestone in a families life.  Only today when I was being served by someone he apologised as he had to take a call from his wife who was letting him know how his son was going at his first day of 3 year old kindergarden.  The excitement of the day is very overwhelming for many people.  Looking back it is one of those special  childhood milestones we go through in our lives.  I remember when my children started kindergarden, primary school and high school, just as it was only yesterday.  All such important childhood milestones in theirs and our lives.  I still have the photos we took on the day.  Even now scrolling through my facebook page I see lots of my friends posting those special childhood milestones on their pages.   Its a time when children start to let go of the aprons and  become people in their own right, forming friendships, etc.  Some parents and children really struggle with this and we offer them the support by photo engraving that childhood milestone.  This also provides comfort when they are at school.  Its funny but when my last child went off to school I came home and watched play school for about a month as that was my way of coping as I had done it for so many years.  I wish I then had a photo etched necklace I could of worn, to create my own childhood milestone  keepsake of my last son leaving off to attend primary school.


However I did create my own childhood milestone keepsake of my two children when my daughter graduated from high school. That also was an important childhood milestone and I now have a keepsake I carry around with me daily.  It always brings a smile to my face.

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