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Childhood Milestones – First Day of School

Childhood Milestones – Such an important part of our life

We recently did a childhood milestone piece of a daughter at her first day of school.  She had the new school uniform on and had a huge smile.  I could feel the excitement in the photo just by looking at it.

We made a keepsake of this special childhood milestone in the form of a necklace to be worn by her father.  Her father came and collected it from us and was totally pleased with it.  As soon as he saw our display he knew the perfect photo to have photo engraved into a pendant to create his own personal keepsake of that special childhood milestones.  He even had it as his screen saver on his phone.  He showed it to me immediately.  He had a big smile on his face as he explained to me that it was his daughters first day of school.  She was his first born and that day was so exciting for the whole family.  Even the little girl smiled as he showed it to me.


Definition of a keepsake of such important childhood Milestones

It feels like only yesterday that they were born, and then starting kindergarden and now they are starting their school  life!  Such an important time in the families lives.



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