Bridal Gifts – A Beautiful Gift to a future mother in law

Bridal Gifts – A gift to her future mother in law

We were privileged to do a piece for an up coming wedding in Singapore in 2014.   A beautiful bridal  gift from the bride to her mother in law. The bride and groom lived in Melbourne and were returning to Singapore to have their wedding.  The Groom was originally from Singapore.  The piece contained a photo etching of the lovely couple and on the back the bride had written a beautiful poem to her future mother in law.  It basically said thank you for raising such a beautiful  man.  So much thought and love went into the piece as we had to select the appropriate piece that would suit the climate etc.  The words we engraved were absolutely beautiful and the photo of the couple etched into the piece was also stunning.  A piece that I am sure is being worn in Singapore with lots of love.

A lovely way to start  your future life together, with such  beautiful bridal gifts being given to the grooms parents.  They were totally over joyed with the gift and so much love went into picking the piece.  They wanted to create a forever keepsake to remember such a beautiful day that will be remembered forever.

All the family flew over to Singapore to attend the wedding, which made it even more special.  A lovely overseas wedding to allow all family members to attend such a special  occasion.

We also recently had a groom come up to  our display as he wanted to purchase gifts for all his bridal party.  He was going on an amazing overseas holiday.

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