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Birthday Gift Ideas that travelled …

I was lucky enough to meet the lovely Ann and she ordered a photo engraved keyring for her sisters birthday gift. A few weeks later I was called by both Ann and her sister Natasha to order another piece for her sister in law. Natasha loved it so much she instantly thought of her sister in law and wanted to send my her photo to have a photo engraved keyring made for her. They loved it as a unique birthday gift ideas.

The funny thing that happened next (a few weeks later) I received a phone call from her sister in law. She loved it so much that she ordered 4 photo engraved keyrings. It was so funny tracing the sale. We were so pleased that they all loved their unique gifts.

We photo engraved many pieces and they were all shipped off to their wonderful homes. A keepsake piece that they can keep forever.

Keepsake jewelry is so important to so many people. It makes them smile as they wear their keepsakes on a daily basis. Some people choose to wear their keepsake jewelry piece on special occasions, whereas other people wear them daily to ensure their loved one is with them always. It really is a personal choice.

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